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Cruise the Heart of Europe

Budapest to Frankfurt

Cruise the Heart of Europe

per person
  • Oct 13 - 26, 2022
  • From $ 5,095
  • $ 600
  • History, River Cruise, Single Traveler Friendly
  • AHI Travel
  • Moderate
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Navigate the legendary Danube, Main, and Rhine rivers and experience the distinct heritage and histories of four countries.  From mighty castles to medieval towns, celebrated landmarks to natural wonders, every moment of this journey will fill you with awe.

Get to know Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna, illustrious cities steeped in grandeur and legacies.  Sail through the scenic Middle Rhine and Wachau valleys, where castles and villages beckon from rolling vineyards.

Customize your cruise in select ports with a choice of included excursions, such as culinary tours, cycling trips, museum visits, walking tour, musical performances, and more!

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12 Days
  • Included
    Cruise the Heart of Europe