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Journey Through Israel

Land of Cultural Treasures

Journey Through Israel

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Join us on a trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land of Israel. From the scorching sands of the Judean Desert to the salty buoyancy of the Dead Sea, from grand remnants of Ancient Rome in Caesarea Maritima to the most humble aspects of Nazareth, we will have so many incredible opportunities to explore, learn, and sample all that Israel has to offer, both as Jesus’ homeland as well as a thriving nation with a strong alliance to the West.

In between areas of great history and religious meaning, we’ll be staying at incredible accommodations, dining at amazing restaurants, and shopping at some of the most intriguing bazaars and markets filled with color, charm, and excitement.

    • Visit Israel and the West Bank, learning from Israelis and Palestinians, and engaging with multiple perspectives to shed light on a complex region.
    • Gain a balanced perspective and see sacred sites of the three major monotheistic faiths: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
    • Embrace the stunning panoramic view of the Bay of Haifa from Mount Carmel.
    • At Rosh HaNikra on the Mediterranean coast, take a scenic cable-car ride down to the sea grottoes to explore the fascinating geological formations that developed over thousands of years.
    • Tour Jericho, known as the oldest city in the world with settlements dating back to 9000 BCE. Admire the stunning mosaics among the remains of Hisham’s Palace and visit an ancient Greek Orthodox monastery built into the face of the Mount of Temptation.
    • Peruse the extensive archaeological ruins at Beit She’an, including a 7,000-seat Roman amphitheater and a Byzantine bathhouse.
    • Spend a full day exploring Jerusalem’s Old City, its highlights including the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Via Dolorosa, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
    • In Bethlehem, visit the Church of the Nativity and the Shepherds’ Field before viewing the graffiti art on the border wall.
    • Learn about life in Palestine at Tent of Nations, an educational and environmental family farm.
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    Journey Through Israel