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Belugas, Birds & Bears

Belugas, Birds & Bears

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Join us for a special opportunity to witness the diverse wildlife and pioneering spirit of the Canadian Arctic in summer.

On this seven-day journey, discover the beauty and magnitude of Churchill, Manitoba—a remote town on the banks of the Hudson Bay renown for hosting polar bears and beluga whales.

When people think of whale watching excursions, they envision fleeting glimpses of magnificent creatures off in the distance. On this journey, guests are delighted to get amazingly close to a multitude of friendly and vocal beluga whales while exploring the Hudson Bay by flat-bottomed boat or skiff. During the summer, these curious mammals are often found in warm-water estuaries and river basins, making this an ideal place to see them.

Also during summer, polar bears can sometimes be spotted lazily roaming for food on land and along the shoreline, conserving their energy during the warmer months while waiting for the ice to form again.

The expert guidance of an Orbridge Expedition Leader and a local naturalist, plus exclusive educational experiences—including presentations from Assiniboine Park Zoo and Churchill’s Northern Studies Centre—distinguish this program.

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    Belugas, Birds & Bears