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Mediterranean Melange

Rome to Barcelona aboard Oceania's Nautica

Mediterranean Melange

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  • Oct 29 - Nov 8, 2025
  • From $ 3,799
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Embark on a 10-night fall cruise with Oceania Cruises’ Nautica, where art, architecture, history, and romance converge in a mesmerizing journey. Commence your adventure in the timeless city of Rome, and let the warm Mediterranean breeze accompany you on this unforgettable voyage.

Explore the archaeological wonders of Naples, including the preserved ruins of Pompeii, a captivating ancient Roman city buried under the ashes of Mt. Vesuvius. Indulge in a gastronomic odyssey in Palermo, savoring the rich flavors of Sicilian cuisine. In Olbia, visit the historic Basilica of San Simplicio or indulge in upscale shopping in Porto Cervo.

Trace the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte in Ajaccio and try your luck at the renowned Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monte Carlo. Discover Mahon’s natural harbor and explore the quaint villages of Spain.

If you’re adventurous, consider climbing Mount Benacantil in Alicante to reach the heights of Santa Barbara Castle. Before concluding your journey in the beautiful city of Barcelona, make a stop in Valencia to savor paella or marvel at the architectural wonders of the City of Arts and Sciences.

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    Mediterranean Melange