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The Trojan Travel Difference

About Trojan Travel

USC Trojan Travel is dedicated to providing unique and educational travel experiences to members of the extended Trojan Family. Our core goals are to:

  • Provide a comprehensive selection of travel opportunities that will appeal to diverse interests of USC alumni, families and friends
  • Offer educational, cultural and intellectual enrichment consistent with the mission of the university
  • Foster camaraderie and encourage meaningful connections among alumni, friends, faculty and staff
  • Serve the entire Trojan Family to advance the mission and welfare of the University of Southern California and the USC Alumni Association

Seven Great Reasons to Travel Trojan Style!

We take great pride in the fact that more than 50% of the travelers who choose Trojan Travel vacations have traveled with us before. There’s no greater testament to the Trojan Travel program than the fact that these alumni, family and friends keep coming back.

We asked our frequent travelers why they choose to travel Trojan style. Here are seven of the most commonly cited reasons.

  1. Camaraderie of fellow Trojans. Our travelers say it over and over again: Nothing beats traveling with fellow members of the Trojan Family. You’ll find it not only makes the trip more enjoyable, don’t be surprised if you also develop lifelong friendships and future traveling companions.

“We love the people we meet. It’s always nice to be with people that you have a common bond or interest with.”

  1. Joy of discovery. Each trip has a built-in educational component designed to enhance your appreciation of the culture, history, sights and sounds of the places you’ll visit. Explore the world with some of USC’s most learned and passionate faculty members as your guides. Or spend a week with local experts on our Alumni Campus Abroadprograms.

“There’s always an emphasis on learning about the place, the people you meet. That makes it very different from run-of-the-mill commercial tours. You come away really knowing a lot about where you’re visiting.”

  1. Something for everyone. Because our travelers have diverse travel needs, we’ve selected almost four dozen equally diverse excursions. These trips are suitable for a broad spectrum of activity levels, budgets and interests – from river cruises to whitewater rafting, and just about everything in between!

“We have done 26 trips … China, Paris, Spain, Antarctica, the Cotswolds… They vary from very expensive down to great values. Every trip has been tremendous.”

  1. Fun for the whole family. Our kid-tested family adventures offer a lively balance of fun, hands-on activities and entertaining adventure. These trips are the perfect way to share your love of travel, adventure and USC with your kids or grandchildren. And they’re easy enough on your pocketbook to take the whole family!

“We’ve done some trips by ourselves, but in recent years we’ve been taking the children and grandchildren. There are lots of fun things for children, too.”

  1. One-of-a-kind adventures. Our professional trip operators spend their time dreaming up unique and unusual vacation opportunities. These are places you either might not have access to or might not think of on your own.

“When we were in Kenya, there was an area up on a hill, looking down into a beautiful valley below. When we pulled in, Trojan Travel had a table set up, with cheese and wine and folding chairs. It was like something out of a movie. Sitting down with your glass of wine and surveying the view, you felt like you were in ‘Out of Africa.’”

  1. Commitment to quality. From professional tour directors, world-class accommodations, breathtaking destinations, carefully designed itineraries and hand-picked experts, our fanatical focus on quality will guarantee your comfort and capture your imagination.

“We’ve done extensive traveling, but every time we get an opportunity that fits the family’s schedule, we go with SC. It’s always run very well. We know it will be a great experience, no matter where we’re going.”

  1. TLC. We send along a member of the Trojan Travel team to make sure each trip runs smoothly and to provide those special USC touches our travelers have come to love!

“We always have a hostess with us, which is very nice. They keep the group as one, yet you’re not obligated to stick with anybody. They really take care of you.”