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Revelations of Japan

Tokyo Roundtrip aboard Oceania's Riviera

Revelations of Japan

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Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Japanese culture during a captivating 12-night cruise aboard Oceania Cruises’ Riviera. This enchanting voyage invites you to explore the deeply-rooted customs and traditions that define this majestic island.

Commence your journey in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, where the simplicity of a tea ceremony unfolds alongside the thrill of spectating sumo wrestling. Sail to Nagoya and delve into Japan’s industrial side, marveling at the newly reconstructed palace and exploring the numerous museums that grace the city. Your next destination is Kochi, a surfer’s paradise, offering traditional markets, the historic Kochi Castle, and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Discover the volcanic landscapes and offshore islands of Nagasaki, adorned with flourishing art scenes, revered Buddha statues, and pristine beaches in Busan. Cruise down the Kanmon Strait to Hiroshima, where you can leisurely stroll through the exquisitely landscaped Hiroshima Gardens or visit the iconic Hiroshima Castle. Indulge in ultimate relaxation at Beppu’s renowned hot springs before spending blissful days in Kyoto, where awe-inspiring temples and, if fortunate, the ethereal beauty of cherry blossoms await.

Conclude your unforgettable journey with panoramic views of the majestic Mount Fuji from the seaport in Shimizu, creating a perfect ending to a cruise filled with cultural richness and breathtaking landscapes.

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    Revelations of Japan