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Antarctica Direct

Fly the Drake Passage - Sail Aboard National Geographic Explorer

Antarctica Direct

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  • Jan 27 - Feb 3, 2025
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Venturing to Antarctica is an expedition like no other—a chance to explore wonderlands of sculpted snow and ice where whales swim, penguins flock, and albatrosses soar. It’s a true journey of a lifetime that has historically called for multiple weeks of travel, including a round-trip sea crossing of the Drake Passage.

We are excited to share a more time-efficient way to discover the wonders of the White Continent without sacrificing any of the adventure: an 8-day itinerary with Lindblad Expeditions. On this journey, you’ll fly between South America and Antarctica on a round-trip flight and enjoy five adventure-filled days to explore the otherworldly realm at the bottom of the globe.

Each day on the seventh continent is filled with new sights and sounds. Greet the southernmost sky with a sunrise stretch session, paddle a kayak past tabular icebergs the size of islands, and walk among charismatic penguins. You’ll even have the rare opportunity to peer deep into polar waters from the comfort and safety of the ship via a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). A veteran team of naturalists will be on hand to provide expert perspectives, and a certified photo instructor can help you capture incredible images.

Our tour operator, Lindblad Expeditions, pioneered expedition travel to Antarctica over 55 years ago and has unmatched expertise in the region. For travelers, this expertise translates to adventure-filled days and amazing wildlife sightings.


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