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Sicily & Malta

Classical Mediterranean Cruise

Sicily & Malta

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Sicily and Malta have possessed an almost mythical appeal since Homer and Virgil first extolled their virtues. From the classical perfection of Agrigento’s Roman relics to the ancient cliffside village of Taormina, this carefully curated, 7-night itinerary explores resplendent shores and prized remnants of bygone civilizations.

Bask in sun-dappled islands at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and explore coastal cities that date back more than 7,000 years. Cruise along two of Europe’s most dramatic coastlines through the fabled Strait of Messina to the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas. Journey from the island of Malta to the ancient Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and to the souk (marketplace) of Tunis, Tunisia. Enjoy calls at Taormina, Trapani, and Palermo on the island of Sicily before cruising to Syracuse.

  • Explore the history of Malta, the island nation where Saint Paul the Apostle was shipwrecked, and the late Queen Elizabeth II once called home.
  • Enjoy views of Sicily’s imposing Mt. Etna, Europe’s highest volcano.
  • Explore Taormina, an ancient village on the top of a cliff above the Ionic Sea.
  • In Reggio Calabria, tour the National Archaeological Museum, which houses the Riace Bronzes, a pair of ancient, lifesize Greek statues.
  • Discover Palermo’s traditional Sicilian Old Quarter, Quattro Canti, baroque square, and 12thcentury Duomo.
  • Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Carthage with visits to the Baths of Antonino, the ancient theater, and the Punic ports where Carthaginian fleets once took shelter.
  • Visit Agrigento’s UNESCO World Heritage-designated Valley of Temples.
  • Journey to Syracuse to visit the Altar of Hieron II, Dyonisios’ Ear, the Roman Amphitheater, and the Greek Theater.

Enhance your tour with the Malta Pre-Program Option.

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    Sicily & Malta